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The Marmon Group

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The Marmon Group, part of  Berkshire Hathaway, is a global, diversified industrial organization. Marmon comprises three autonomous companies consisting of 14 diverse, stand-alone business sectors, and more than 175 independent manufacturing and service businesses. Revenues totaled $7 billion in 2013. These three companies and their respective sectors are:

Marmon EWC 2016 Report

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2016 Marmon Group Annual Brochure

Marmon Engineered Components Company

Distribution Services Sector

Providing specialty metal pipe, tubing and
beams, and related value-added services for
a broad range of industries.

Electrical & Plumbing Products – Distribution Sector

Supplying electrical building wire for construction, and copper tube for the plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial markets, through the wholesale channel.

Industrial Products Sector

Serving a variety of markets through four
subsectors: Fasteners, Metal Fabrication,
Safety Products, and Tubing & Fittings.

Marmon Energy Services Company

Engineered Wire & Cable Sector

Producing electrical and electronic wire and
cable for energy-related markets as well as
transit, aerospace, defense, communication,
and other industrial applications.

UTLX Company

Transportation Services & Engineered Products Sector

Serving the transportation, energy, chemical, and related markets with products and services including railroad tank cars and intermodal tank containers.

UTLX Company

Crane Services Sector

Supplying mobile cranes and operators primarily to the energy, mining, and petrochemical markets.

Marmon Retail Technologies Company

Water & Home Products Group

Water Treatment Sector

Producing water treatment equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Retail Products Sector

Supplying electrical building wire and related specialty products, plumbing tube, and brass fittings primarily through the home center channel, as well as work and garden gloves sold at retail.

Highway Technologies Group

Highway Technologies Sector

Supporting the heavy-duty highway transportation industry with trailers and vehicle components, and the light-vehicle aftermarket with clutches and related products.

Merchandising Technologies Group

Retail Store Fixtures Sector

Supplying shelving systems, other merchandising displays, and related services for retail stores.

Retail Science Sector*

Delivering retail marketing solutions to brands and retailers that are driven by shopper insights and include merchandising displays, in-store digital merchandising, retail environments, and marketing programs.

Retail Mobile Equipment Sector*

Producing shopping carts for retail stores, material handling and security carts for many industries, and automation equipment for the dairy, bakery and other industries.

Food & Beverage Technologies Group

Foodservice Technologies Sector

Producing food preparation equipment primarily for quick-serve restaurants as well as other commercial and institutional environments.

Beverage Technologies Sector

Supplying beverage dispensing and cooling equipment, and related products to brand owners and foodservice retailers.

*Sector was created effective January 1, 2014

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