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A sampling of Marmon Ruggedized CablesRuggedized Cable Products – “Cable is Cheap, Trouble is Expensive”

Marmon Electrical member companies have designed and manufactured a series of high performance life safety products for oil & gas and general industrial applications that are unsurpassed with regard to performance by anything available in the industry. These products will survive fire impingement for up to two hours at 2,000 degrees and ensure that key safety circuits, valves and other mission critical systems will continue to operate during a fire scenario.

In an industrial environment, cables may be required to meet the requirements of the National Electric Code for Class 1, Division 1 applications. Marmon Electrical companies provide a full range of continuously welded, corrugated metal clad cable constructions ranging from medium voltage and low voltage power, control, signal, data and fiber optic.

Low smoke, zero halogen insulation and jacketing materials are now widely used in Europe. While the use of non-halogenated products does eliminate toxic byproducts in a fire, commercially available LSZH systems do not perform well in industrial applications particularly where there will be moisture ingress and chemical or hydrocarbon exposure. Marmon Electrical Innovation Center in East Granby, CT has developed low smoke, zero halogen systems that will perform as well as halogenated systems in an industrial environment. Coupled with unique armoring capabilities and jacketing materials, and power, signal, control or data cable can be ruggedized for any industrial environment and will guarantee performance at all times, particularly in emergency conditions where it is needed most.

“Cable is cheap, trouble is expensive” is a motto that we at Marmon Electrical like to stress to our customers. Saving a few dollars on cable up front may cost you a lot more down the road if that cable is flammable, transports fumes and gases or simply does not work on mission critical systems during a fire or any other emergency situation. As you can see, Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable is not your typical wire & cable company. We want to partner with our customers and their engineering support staff to develop the right products for their critical industrial applications.

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