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RSCC Exane (R) New Cable Family Well Received at OTC -Houston

East Granby, Connecticut – RSCC Wire & Cable, Exane Products Segment, introduced at the recently concluded Offshore Technology Conference and Expo (OTC), Houston, Texas, a line of Exane-ROHS multi-conductor cable products which comply with the European low voltage directive for RoHS and WEE.   The Exane-ROHS product line has been certified by Intertek Testing Services (ITS/ETL), the independent Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL), and is environmentally friendly.

The RoHS directive, which is also required by the U.S.-based National Electrical Manufacturers Association, prohibits or limits usage of hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium, and other chemicals and is a requirement for the manufacture of low voltage cables sold into Europe.

Exane-ROHS cables are not only environmentally friendly, but are also manufactured with ruggedized, thermoset insulations and jackets that will not cold flow or deform under pressure. These cables pass the IEEE 1202 Vertical Cable Tray Flame Test at 70,000 Btu/hr and also the IEC 60332-3-22 Vertical Cable Tray Flame test. They are equally suited for cold environments and pass a minus 55oC (minus 67oF) Cold Bend Test as well as the minus 40oC (minus 40oF) Cold Impact Test.

Additionally, RSCC introduced at OTC two ruggedized low voltage signal and control cables to meet the demanding needs of drilling applications.   The Exane-TF (Torque flex) cable has been developed to allow for both twisting and flexing at the same time for installation in Bridge Rackers & Pipe Handling Systems on MODU’s.    The Exane-Profibus cable has been designed with flexible stranded Tinned Copper Conductors selected to withstand the arduous operating conditions found on drilling equipment. It also incorporates improved thermoset insulation and jacketing materials that are manufactured using RSCC’s proprietary irradiation technology which has been industry recognized for over 35+ years.

For more information, contact RSCC Exane Products Customer Service at 860-653-8300

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