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Marmon Electrical Innovation & Technology Center

The Art of Cable MakingAn example of Marmon’s commitment to continual innovation within all its business sectors is exemplified with the 2013 opening of The Marmon Electrical Innovation & Technology Center.

The 16,000 sq. ft. facility officially opened in East Granby, Connecticut on November 5, 2013 and is unique to the cable industry.

This center brings together the top engineering and scientific minds of the 18 Marmon Electrical cable companies to provide a research and development resource that is available to the manufacturers of engineered wire and cable products that comprise the Marmon Electrical group of companies. The Innovation and Technology Center allows these companies to enhance relationships with their customers involved in developing cables for high-performance and harsh environment applications.

Having state-of-the-art laboratories and test equipment, the center supports a vigorous culture of on-going research and development.

In addition to a chief technology officer, the center is staffed by engineers and consultants with a goal of expanding cable designs to meet the present and future challenges of key customers needing engineered solutions for harsh applications. This creative team of application engineers, scientists and technicians is dedicated to developing custom solutions including smaller, lighter, higher temperature, safer, more reliable and cost-effective cable products for the future.

The 18 Marmon Electric Companies are encouraged to present their individual application problems…and share their knowledge and solutions with the other member companies. Likewise, key customers are encouraged to visit the center to solve their most challenging application problems to improve and innovate solutions for tomorrow’s needs.

It is the mission of the Center to innovate in the field of material science to build progressive wire and cable products that are of intrinsic value to customers’ future needs and to use unique materials and process to differentiate products, services and processes.

It is estimated that developing strategic new cable products will account for $20 million in revenue in 2014.


  • To innovate in the field of material science to build progressive wire and cable products that are of intrinsic value to customers’ future needs.
  • To use unique materials and process to differentiate products, services and processes.

Marmon's Cross-Linking Irradiation Process

The Core of Innovation: Our Proprietary Irradiation Process

Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable has been an industry leader for over 30 years in the development of state-of-the-art irradiation technology as a means to produce innovative cable products.

In this process, the molecular structure of the cable’s polymer jacket is “Cross-Linked” to make it stronger, more durable and resistant to harsh industrial damage. Electrons generated in the power supply are greatly increased in energy by the accelerator which emits them in a narrow beam. The scanner deflects these electrons so that the beam sweeps the area to be irradiated. The cable being processed is given multiple passes under this beam and the process assures that the cable is bombarded on all sides uniformly.

The amount of irradiation is referred to as dosage and is measured in megarads. It is controlled by speed of wire which relates to time of exposure and by the intensity of amperage, the amount of electron current output.

Multiple Laboratories:

Marmon EWC Innovation Center (16,000 Sq FT)

  • Flame Smoke Toxicity Test Chambers
  • Small Scale Compounding & Prototyping
  • Analytical Lab

HV Laboratory (4000 Sq FT) – Featuring:

  • 1600kV Impulse generator
  • 1000kV DC test set
  • 2600 amp current transformer

MV Laboratories (7000 Sq FT) – Featuring:

  • AEIC/ICEA Qualification Lab
  • Forensics Lab
  • Small Scale Compounding & Prototyping

LV Laboratories (5000 Sq FT) – Featuring:

  • UL Certified Laboratory
  • LOCA Chamber

Materials Laboratories

  • Gendon

Data Laboratories

  • Harbour/Comtran

Marmon Loca Chamber

LOCA Chamber

All Marmon EWC qualified cables meet or exceed all pertinent nuclear industry standards, including IEEE-383 and IEEE-323. Whether it’s flame resistance, postulated design base event (LOCA), thermal life projections or other critical evaluations, our in-house qualification test facilities continually perform simulated accident and accelerated long-term prototype tests to ensure product dependability.

Marmon Testing Equipment

State of the Art Test Facilities

By its very nature, research and development is a task that is never complete. Today’s accomplishments must yield to tomorrow’s expectations. Technical research leading to advancements in materials and manufacturing methods has marked the success of our R&D experts.

A creative and practical team of scientists, engineers and technicians is dedicated to developing smaller,lighter, tougher, higher temperature, safer, more reliable and cost-effective products for the future. And while we’re pleased with the recognition our proprietary products receive in the diversity of applications and markets they serve, we accept the challenge to question, improve and innovate solutions for tomorrow’s needs.

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