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Kerite ESP

You can trust Marmon Engineered wire and cable products.

Highly Chemical Resistant Cable

Insulation: EPOM. protective lead sheath. protective stainless steel tape over the lead sheath

Armor: Galvanized/stainless sreel/Monel

  • Highly chemical resistant cable designed for the toughest down-hole conditions. Stainless steel tape encases and protects each leadsheathed conductor from H,S. CO, . and other chemicals and helps extend the cable life.
  • Stainless steel tape barrier is used for protection from chemicals and gas decompression and provides mechanical hoop strength.


Flat Capillary Tube Cable

Insulation: EPDM

Jacket: EPDM with lead sheath to protect insulation

  • Lead sheathed capillary lube for protection and extended life

Armor: Galvanized/Stainless Steel/Monel

  • These cables incorporate capillary tube(s) along with power cable to eliminate the cost of running a separate chemical treatment down the well. The capillary tube(s) can be either encased in one armor or in a second armor.


Round Capillary Tube Cable

Insulation: EPOM with optional protective lead sheath

Jacket: EPDM

  • Lead sheathed capillary lube ror protection and extended life

Armor: Galvanized/Stainless Steel/ MonelRound_Capillary_tube-300x151

Self-Support Cable

Conductor: Tin Copper

Insulation: Polypropylene

Strength Member: Stranded Steel Conductor

Jacket: Abrasionresistant HDPE

  • Suited for high corroston and low temperature
  • Resists mechanical damage during installation and pulling
  • No Armor


  • Coil tubing applications
  • Cable suspended ESP applications


Water-Well Cable

Conductor: Bare Copper

Insulation: EPDM

Ground Wire: Bare Copper

Jacket: Oil resistant nitrile jacket

Armor: Galvanized/Stainless Steel/Monel

  • This cable is excellent for use in water wells and high water cut oil wells
  • Conductor Insulation used in conjunction with nitrile jackets provides most effective cable design up to204 F
  • Ground wire optional.


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