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Downhole Applications

Downhole Solutions for the toughest applications.

Downhole Sensing

The sensing cable is designed to link downhole sensor equipment to the surface data acquisition devices and provide a secure and robust data path for critical downhole information, while also providing power to the gauges. These permanent downhole gauge cables are designed to perform in demanding environments. Our basic gauge cable consists of a single ETFE insulated conductor held in the center of ¼” 316L stainless steel tube by a filler layer of expanded polyethylene. This construction may be encapsulated for additional chemical and mechanical protection in variety of polymeric materials.

Other product configurations include multiple insulated conductors, fiber optics, strength members, injection tubing, sub-sea safety valve tubing, or various combinations of these components. We are also able to offer Incoloy 825 tubing or other customer required alloys. We are the only integrated producers of permanent, downhole sensor gauge cables in the world and we are able to provide our cables in splice free lengths exceeding 30,000 FT.

Downhole Flow

For moving hydraulic or other fluid in smart well, permanent down-hole cable (PDC) applications. Flow products are available in Alloy 316L or Alloy 825 stainless steel, that are encapsulated with high performance thermoplastic or elastomer materials functional in either 150°C or 200ºC operating temperature environments.

Downhole Submersible Pump (DSP)

Selecting the appropriate cable for oil and gas well electrical submersible pumps should be based on experience and knowledge of well conditions. Hot, gassy, high pressure wells require more hardened constructions than shallow cool wells. The presence of corrosive chemicals (H2SO4 or H2CO3) and gases (CO2 or H2S) requires special attention to the jacket and armor selection. If the well develops high operating pressures, attention has to be given to protecting the cable from decompression damage — this would typically require a construction with a lead jacket that provides a hermetic seal.

The choice between flat or round cable constructions is typically based on clearance between the production tubing and the well casing. Because of the side-by-side phase configuration with flat cable, phase imbalance becomes a factor for application consideration with deep wells.

Downhole Power Systems

Family of products, manufactured with PEEK or Polyimide insulation is used as a replacement to polyimide magnet wire in down hole motor applications and in large Class H and Class F high temperature motors. This insulation is often specified as a jacketing material over single and multiple conductor cable assemblies for protection against severe abrasion.

Downhole Temperature

Downhole Thermocouple cable offers the best long term durability and is most cost effective of any other technology for distributed temperature sensing in downhole application. It is also the most widely used sensor for temperature measurement in industrial markets. The primary objective of temperature measurement in downhole application is to monitor the steaming in SAGD well in order to improve the viscosity of the bitumen for artificial lift. Typical downhole temperatures range from 235-350°C. High temperature multi pair (2-6 pair) extruded and braided products can be supplied from 260-540°C encased in 316L stainless steel seamlessly welded tube . Products supplied can be integrated into sensor packs for ESP, PCP, rod pump temperature monitoring or as stand-alone multi point temperature strings. (Lear More – TE Wire product page)

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