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Comtran’s Category 6 Indoor/Outdoor CM-LS Cables Save Contractors Installation Time

Comtran cable CM-LSComtran’s Category 6 Indoor/Outdoor cable is flame retardant, fully water blocked, and approved for use beyond 50 ft. into a building so contractors no longer need to switch cables at the building entrance.

Standard commercial Category 6 cables will allow for moisture to ingress into the cable causing it to fail in wet areas, but Comtran’s Cat 6 Indoor/Outdoor CM-LS will maintain its performance in this environment. Designed with a waterproof gel instead of a water-swellable tape, the cable can be installed outdoors in duct and in aerial lashing as well as in wet locations indoors. This allows Ethernet networks to cover more ground and extend beyond the limitations of standard outside plant cable.

Typical applications for these cables would be:

  • Outdoor aerial lashing between buildings
  • Slab on grade construction
  • Below grade ductwork
  • Flood prone areas
  • Campus style environments

Our Cat 6 Indoor/Outdoor is marked “Sun Res” according to UL 2556 720 hour weather (sunlight) resistance test. Please contact us for current pricing and availability. Customized options are available upon request.

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