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Comtran Cable Announces X-Link™ Nuclear Communications Cables

Attleboro, MA – Comtran Cable, a North American manufacturer of data and communications cables for use in harsh environments, announces a line of X-Link™ communications cables designed for nuclear power production facilities that provides a long-term solution to data communications, security, and environmental monitoring systems.

Commercially available off-the-shelf products are insufficient for nuclear environments due to their proximity to machinery, fluids, and hazardous waste. In response, Comtran’s engineers have designed a line of communications cables that will guarantee the specified category data transmission and will stand up to harsh installation methods and environments. Featuring a shield and a thermoset insulation and jacket, these cables reduce EMI and enhance thermal stability, all while maintaining resistance to fluids and radiation. “Other brands may provide a physically robust cable,” says Director of Business Development, Bruce Sinnott, “but none have the ability to resist temperature extremes and few have the ability to meet high transmission rates.” End users will appreciate and benefit from the longer life cable plant and ensured electrical performance.

These cables are available in Category 3 (4 Pair through 400 Pair), Category 5e, and Category 6 and are suitable for data communications, security systems, environmental monitoring, supervisory control and data acquisition, and certain low voltage control and instrumentation circuits. For more information or to request a spec, please contact Bruce Sinnott at or Rama Nippani at


About Comtran

Comtran Cable is a leading manufacturer of standard and ruggedized specialty data and signal transmission cables including category cables for structured cabling as well as telecom, fire safety, circuit integrity and other high performance applications. Comtran is a member of Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable, part of Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

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