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About Marmon Electrical

Marmon Electrical manufactures electrical and electronic wire and cable for industrial and military applications where reliability and resistance to harsh environments is required. Marmon Electrical provides innovative solutions to end users who require continuous and uninterrupted performance from power, control, instrumentation and data grade cables for mission critical systems and equipment.

Marmon Electrical consists of 18 cable companies and over 2000 associates with expertise in many different industries and cable types. As with all Marmon companies, Marmon Electrical strictly adheres to the principles of 80/20 which simplifies the businesses and leads to segmentation where companies develop markets and corresponding products and sets them up as separate autonomous business units. This segmentation leads to innovative solutions to in service problems and the certainty that a customer will be working with an expert in their industry and products.

To aid the innovation process, Marmon Electrical opened a dedicated Innovation Center in 2013. This 16,000 sq. ft. facility houses test and small scale production equipment to help a staff with disciplines in electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering develop cable designs that will operate and survive in the harshest environments. None of this engineering work is done in a vacuum. All development work and research is done with customer input and direction. A key reason, along with indisputable quality and manufacturing excellence, why Marmon Electrical is the leading supplier of specialty designed wire & cable in the world.

Marmon EWC Brochure CoverMarmon Electrical manufactures electrical and electronic wire and cable for energy related markets and other industries. Applications include industrial power and instrumentation; aerial and underground utility distribution; and environments where exposure to harsh elements is anticipated. Markets also include automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, computers, transit and appliances.

To learn more about the Marmon Electrical companies, please see our brochure here.


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